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This is a photo of Nicole Lee, member of our advisory board. Nicole is a light-skin Asian lady, with short dark hair and glasses. In this photo, she is sitting on a char with her legs crossed, holding a tablet in her right hand. Nicole is wearing a black blouse and brown trousers. She is looking off camera, towards her right.

08 August 2022

Our Advisory Board

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of an Advisory Board as part of our new operational structure. The Advisory Board will comprise specialists, mostly from the nuclear sector, with the experience and expertise to help drive and further the IDN vision.


05 August 2022

Changes to IDN's operational structure

This ph

04 August 2022

Standalone Status

This is a photo of Val Saddi, IDN Operations Lead. Val is a white Mediterranean lady with slight olive skin. In this photo, she has her brown curly hair down, framing her face. She is wearing a blue blouse, a checkered red and white blazer, a silver necklace with the name "Valeria" and a pair of golden pendant earrings. She is looking at the camera with a slight smile

03 October 2021

Introduction of Operations Lead

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