2022 Conference Workshops


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In-person Workshops

Disability Awareness – Enhance the UK

In this workshop, Claire Holland will tackle the following topics: 

● Access and Inclusion

● How to communicate with customers/employees who have disabilities

● Barriers that disabled people face and ways in which these can be overcome

● Ways to assist your disabled employees and/or customers

Session length: 90 minutes

Available at 14:00-15:30 

Thinking About Class – RECLAIM

This collaborative workshop will allow delegates to explore a range of themes relating to class inequality, both in society and the workplace, discussing the nuanced barriers that commonly stand in the way of working-class job candidates, colleagues and leaders, how such barriers can manifest, how damaging they can be to both individuals and organisations, and what can be done to create more inclusive environments where class diversity is embraced.

Topics we will cover include:

• Class, what is it?
• What can you do?
• What will you do?

 Session length: 90 minutesAvailable at 14:00-15:30

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity – Lisa Vine

The aim of this workshop is to enable participants to develop knowledge and confidence, to strive or continue to strive, for LGBTQ+ inclusion within their organisation.

Focusing predominantly on policies and procedures, measuring inclusivity generally, this workshop will provide a strategic outline of how to assess your organisation’s LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and also give the main areas of focus, within a variety of policies and procedures, to ensure LGBTQ+ workers are recognised and supported across your business.

Session length: 90 minutes
Available at 14:00-15:30

Online workshops

The Mentally Healthy Leader in a Hybrid Workplace – Leyla Okhai (Diverse Minds)

This session will provide an overview of how to create a positive working environment as well as how to look after your own mental health.

The aims of the session are to explore:

• How the focus on mental health at is crucial in the hybrid workplace

• How to create mentally healthy systems for yourself and your team

• The connection between workplace culture, personal culture and mental wellbeing

• Ways to manage mental-ill health and spotting the signs

• Actions you can take both personally and professionally.

Session length: 90 minutes.
Available at 14:00-15:30

Discrimination First Aid – Valla UK

This session will provide an overview on becoming a first responder in times of crisis – someone that people can come to for help, trained in the basics of what rights employees have, discrimination law and work, and what steps they can take next.

After this training, you will be able to:

• Help people understand their rights
• Help them understand what their options are
• Direct them to resources that they can use

Session length: 90 minutes. Available at 14:00-15:30

Active Bystander Training

The Active Bystander training programme aims to empower staff to challenge poor behaviour and bring about cultural change through the reinforcement of messages defining the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour.


• Understanding of the importance of being an active bystander

• Learning skills and techniques to positively challenge bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour

• Agreeing on steps to take to be an effective bystander

Session length: 60 minutes.
Available at 14:00-15:00

Workshop Leads

In-person Workshops

Becky Bainbridge
Director of Programmes, RECLAIM

Becky is a highly experienced senior leader in the charity sector with an extensive track-record leading the creation and delivery of a wide range of pioneering programmes focused on supporting the talent and potential of young people from working-class communities and other marginalised backgrounds.

Becky is also an acclaimed speaker, writer and activist on issues relating to class inequality and is passionate about creating a world where those from working-class backgrounds are proud of – and not held back by – their roots.

This is a picture of Lisa. Lisa is a white woman with short, red hair. She has a fringe, and is smiling. She is standing, with one hand in the pocket of her trousers. She is wearing a flowery shirt, a pair of dark trousers, and a grey blouse. She is looking straight into the camera.
Lisa Vine 
LGBTQ+ Consultant

Lisa is an LGBT+ Advocate, Consultant and Trainer based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Supporting public, private and third sector organisations as they strive for LGBT+ inclusion, Lisa has six years of direct experience supporting trans and non-binary people and the wider LGBT+ communities, through 1-1s and advocacy services. Lisa has also developed and delivered LGBT+ inclusion training sessions and workshops to over 2000 professionals from a variety of backgrounds; including for those from the nuclear, housing and wedding industries and those in frontline services including police officers, midwives, nurses, GPs, teachers and counsellors, to name a few. Lisa’s breadth of experience also enables her to offer consultancy services and she regularly supports organisations with the development of inclusive policies and procedures, in particular relating to working inclusively with and for trans and non-binary colleagues and clients. Furthermore, Lisa works with organisations to complete LGBT+ Inclusivity Assessments, which may include confidential staff surveys, assessment of existing systems and infrastructures and the organisation’s online presence. This enables Lisa to provide a comprehensive report, detailing where an organisation is, in terms of their LGBT+ inclusivity, and includes a short, medium and long-term strategy for improvement. 

Described as a ‘one woman powerhouse’ on local BBC radio, Lisa’s proudest achievements are winning Leicester Pride’s ‘Unsung Hero’ Award and being referred to as the ‘fairy trans mother’ on national television, by a group of young people, she had supported and advocated for.

When she’s not doing all things LGBT+ inclusion, Lisa can be found in a pub or cafe after a long walk with a hot drink and a good book or a puzzle book! In the summer months she can often be found in a tent, after a day of exploring the countryside. 

Claire Holland
Deputy CEO, Enhance the UK

Claire has worked within the Deaf community for many years. She has experience of working with Deaf children, both in an education setting and also as a Children and Families Support worker for the National Deaf Children’s Society. She has also worked in colleges with Deaf young people and worked with Deaf adults as a Community Support Worker. 

Claire has volunteered over the years with Bedfordshire Deaf Children’s Society and also with Luton Deaf football club acting as their club secretary. She has provided Deaf awareness training to various organisations. Claire has her level 3 British Sign Language Certificate although she has been signing from a young age as she is Deaf herself.

Online Workshops

Danae Shell
Co-founder and CEO of Valla

Danae Shell is the co-founder and CEO of Valla, the UK’s first legal platform for employees. She and co-founder Kate Ho created Valla after seeing far too many friends and colleagues left without the means or knowledge to fight back against discrimination and harassment at work. As Valla’s CEO, Danae has been awarded as a “Disruptive Innovator” and “Rising Star” in the tech industry. She also created Valla’s Discrimination First Aid training course, which empowers people to help create more inclusive and diverse working environments for themselves and colleagues through informed and active allyship as the team’s First Aiders.

Andy Snowball
Associate Facilitator, Active Bystander Training Company

Andy is a corporate trainer and business actor – specialising in behavioural change in the workplace and communication. He is the designer of a highly successful interview skills workshop and has been delivering Active Bystander training for the past two years. Andy has worked with more than a hundred clients, including Shell, Land Rover, Virgin Media and the Home Office. He also stars as an inappropriately behaved colleague in the immersive ‘sequel’ to the Active Bystander workshop: ‘Active Bystander – Extra Time’.

Previous, to the above Andy worked as a Primary School teacher for a decade and has wide experience of the education sector. As an actor he also devised several drama workshops for secondary school students.  He has most recently delivered Active Bystander sessions tailored specifically for schools in both the private and state sector.

Leyla Okhai
Leyla Okhai
CEO and Director, 
Diverse Minds, UK

Leyla Okhai is the CEO and Director of Diverse Minds UK Ltd, providing workplaces with training, coaching and consultancy on race equality, culture, mental health,wellbeing and inclusion Previously, Leyla was the Head of Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Imperial College London, for five years.

Prior to joining Imperial College, Leyla worked at the University of Oxford for six years. Firstly, in student recruitment specialising in increasing applications from underrepresented Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic young people. To then becoming Oxford University’s first specific advisor for race and religion. She is also a Council Member at the University of Leeds.