Sizewell C confirmed as new Industry Partner for 2023

August 2023

Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear (IDN) is delighted to announce Sizewell C as one of our new Industry Partners for 2023. This follows on from their sponsorship of the 2022 IDN annual conference.  

IDN has grown exponentially over the last four years. As we continue to grow throughout and beyond, we made a call for wider support from our colleagues in the industry to support our goals.

Quote from Sizewell C: “Sizewell C are thrilled to be an Industry Partner with IDN.

At Sizewell C we want to have a workforce that reflects the society we are part of and serve.

We are doing this by creating an environment where our workforce understands, respects and embraces diversity, where everyone is treated with equal respect and given access to opportunities.  

The Sizewell C project is growing and the diversity of our workforce will play a pivotal role in our success.”

Quote from IDN Co-Founder Monica Mwanje: “We are happy to have Sizewell C as an Industry Partner and to continue our working relationship with them. We are encouraged that a large-scale nuclear new build project such as Sizewell C is showing support and commitment to fostering inclusion in the industry.”


Sizewell C is a new nuclear power station which will be built on the Suffolk coastline and generate enough clean electricity for 6 million homes for at least 60 years.

It will play a key role in helping Britain reduce carbon emissions while lowering energy costs for consumers.

Sizewell C will continue the nuclear revival in Britain launched by Hinkley Point C which is under construction in Somerset.  

It will create life-transforming opportunities for young people in East Suffolk and bring new opportunities to thousands of nuclear suppliers up and down the country.


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