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We're looking for 2023 industry partners

We rely on the support of like-minded organisations through an Industry Partnership scheme. Our partnership scheme has a duration of 12 calendar months and includes a range of benefits, including bespoke EDI advice and access to partner roundtable.

Every industry is going through the same journey to improve inclusion and diversity and there are a wealth of experts and experiences that we can draw from, especially if we look internationally.


Industry partners 

We are looking for industry partners in 2023 to provide support through a financial contribution, which will allow us to organise and deliver professional conferences, webinars, newsletters and workshops with highly credible speakers, guest writers and facilitators. Other activities include offering support to existing UK initiatives such as NSSG and continuing to build the resources area of the Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear website, which companies across the sector can access for free to view information about training courses, coaches and useful materials amongst other valuable resources.


We are now running a special promotion for partners who sign up by October 2022. Please contact us at for more info!

How You Can Get Involved

Our core mission
The objective of the initiative is to provide resources and act as a catalyst for change around D&I within the UK at a national and industry-wide level.
We aim to complement existing initiatives and expand on the UK Government's Nuclear Sector Deal.

Our focus in 2021 is to continue with the activities we are running aimed at educating and connecting people, providing the ideas, motivation and support required to achieve meaningful change across the nuclear industry in the UK at a national level.

To make a real difference and to achieve meaningful systemic change, this must be a team effort from all of us in the UK nuclear
industry. Here are a few examples and suggestions of how you can get involved.

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I am an INDIVIDUAL in the UK Nuclear Industry
I am in a LEADERSHIP position
with responsibility for allocation
of time and resources within
my organisation
I represent AN INITIATIVE OR ORGANISATION in the diversity and inclusion space

I am interested but I don’t have
a lot of time or resources
available to get involved

READ an article or newsletter on
our website or
LinkedIn or Twitter feeds. 

CREATE a post with some
information that others may find of

SHARE content with your network

SHARE the information on our
website and LinkedIn or Twitter
ENCOURAGE colleagues to get
involved if they can and spread
LEAD BY EXAMPLE – live the
values of inclusion and diversity
every day and set an example to
people in your organisation

SHARE the information on our
website and LinkedIn or Twitter
ENCOURAGE members to get
involved if they can and spread
Let us know if there is something we
can do to support your initiative or
align the work we are doing more

I want to support this initiative and I am willing to allocate some of my time, expertise or resources. This would be a one-off commitment to start with, and no obligation to make it a regular thing

WRITE an article or blog post 

ATTEND a webinar or workshop 

COME UP with an idea for a workshop or webinar 

IDENTIFY some examples of best practice from other industries that we can learn from and share them with us

MAKE a financial contribution,
allocating some of your D&I budget to
this industry initiative
IDENTIFY a member of your
organisation that you think could
provide valuable contribution and give
them the time to support the initiative

PROPOSE a joint initiative such as a
workshop or webinar
WRITE an article, viewpoint, focus
piece or blog post that we can share
with our audience

This is something I am willing
and able to commit time, effort
and resources to on an ongoing

PLEASE CONTACT us to discuss how we could create a reciprocal and value adding partnership for the long term

BECOME an Industry Partner for the year 2023. By providing funding, you’ll allow us to build a small organisation to support the whole industry

ALLOW one or more person in your
team to use their working hours to
support the initiative e.g. run a
workshop, speak at an event, or write
an article

PLEASE CONTACT us to discuss
how we could create a reciprocal and
value adding partnership for the long