Why Donate to IDN?

A donation to Inclusion & Diversity in Nuclear helps fund activities to:

Empowering Future Leaders through Internships

Support the internships hosted by IDN, offering valuable work experience to university students from across the UK. By contributing, you’re not only fostering diversity and inclusion within the nuclear industry, but also empowering the next generation of leaders by providing them with hands-on opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to meaningful projects.

    Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Nuclear Industry

    By donating to IDN, you’re supporting a vital initiative aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion within the nuclear industry in the UK. In an industry traditionally dominated by a limited demographic, IDN provides a platform for sharing resources, holding events, and making connections to promote diversity and inclusion, thus enriching the industry with varied perspectives and experiences.

    Global Impact and Reach

    IDN’s influence extends beyond borders. Starting as a LinkedIn group in 2019, IDN has grown into an internationally recognised initiative, evidenced by the success of its annual conferences which attract a global audience. By contributing to IDN, you’re supporting an initiative that transcends geographical boundaries, making a tangible impact on fostering diversity and inclusion not only in the UK but also on a global scale in the sector.

    Sustaining Inclusivity Through Challenging Times

    Even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, IDN persevered in its mission to promote diversity and inclusion. The successful adaptation of its conferences into hybrid events underscores IDN’s resilience and commitment to its cause. By donating to IDN, you’re ensuring the continuity of efforts to support organisations, leaders, managers, and individuals within the nuclear industry in fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environments, even in the face of adversity.